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Volume 2 Issue 3 (July 2020)

Original articles

Readings In The Thought of Prof. Dr. Abbas Ghali Al-Hadeethi, A Pioneer of Political Geography (Study In Contemporary Geographic Thought)

Wisam Abdullah Jasim

pp. 1 - 19


Political geography is the most vital branch of geography in its subjects, and the fastest change in its data, because it is the type of political events, which have no decision, but are characterized by the characteristic of change and volatility, and perhaps the coup, as the peace treaty papers are broken under the chains of horses of the war of concern, and the old colonizer is turned into Rashid's ally, the sacred borders of states are crossed out by the closest neighbor, and so on. Hence the aim of the study came to get to know an Iraqi scientist who represents a bright sign in the history of geopolitics with his distinguished efforts and contributions in this important branch of geography science over the course of forty full years of research, teaching, supervision and discussions of scientific messages and university thesis and membership of councils, conferences, seminars and seminars, is the professor Dr. Abbas Ghali Al-Hadithi is a great scientific stature, and he is considered one of the most prominent pioneering professors in modern and contemporary political geography. And the importance of the study lies in shedding light on the scientific works of this great world, as the fields of its scientific literature are numerous and varied, in an attempt to introduce future generations to the ideas and ideas that came in these books to benefit from them.

Keywords: Contemporary Geographical Thought, Abbas Ghali Al-hadeethi, Political Geography.

The Orientalist Approach to Arab And Islamic Thought, an Original Study

Fatma Saad Al-Naimi

pp. 20 - 41


This research deals with the most important issues in the Arab-Islamic thought, namely, the Orientalist phenomenon and its impact on Arab-Islamic thought. This phenomenon continues to provoke a heated debate among its supporters and opponents.

Orientalist studies, however objective in their content and content if they are free from intolerance and fancy, are not free from insults and errors of language, scientific or historical caused by ignorance in Arabic or other Eastern languages. However, the awareness of some Arab and Muslim thinkers of the true motives of Orientalism, and its negative effects on the nation's image of its history and its civilizational and religious identity, resulted from a cognitive assimilation of the reality of the circumstances in which Orientalism grew up, and its ambiguous links with political circles directly related to colonial projects. In this research, I show what orientalism is in general, and then study the orientalist methods, and then we look at the impact of the orientalist approach on Arab-Islamic thought. The research aims to an exploratory study of the orientalist approach to the Arab-Islamic thought. The research relies on three approaches: inductive, analytical, and deductive; this in turn showed us the impact of the approach of Orientalism on Arab-Islamic thought.

I finally came to the negative effects of Orientalism that affected Arab thought in general and Islamic thought in particular.

Keywords: Curriculum, Orientalism, on Arab-Islamic Thought, Fundamental Study.

Social Integration of Syrian Refugees Under Temporary Protection: The Example of Reyhanlı

Ali Ünsal

pp. 42 - 55


With the prolongation of the civil war in Syria, the Syrian asylum-seekers who were initially under the temporary protection status, later became permanent. There are approximately 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. These asylum seekers, especially those who stay outside the shelter areas, face serious economic and social problems. However, they experience extreme difficulties in terms of adaptation and integration. The aim of this study is to find solutions to the problems of Syrian refugees under Temporary Protection, based on Reyhanlı district. The adaptation problem faced here is a big problem not only for asylum seekers but also for the local people living in the district. Within the scope of the adaptation problem and the integration study, interviews (interviews) were conducted with 41 Syrian Refugees under Temporary Protection and 30 local people. Based on this, we can see that the problems increase with the prolongation of the visiting time. The adaptation process and integration here is a complex roadmap that requires a great effort.

Keywords: Temporary Protection, Integration, Reyhanlı, Refugee, Syria, Integration.