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Aims and Scope

The aim of Strategy International Journal of Middle East Research (IJMER) is to provide a deep insight into the historical and updated social, political, and educational issues that are related closely to the most interest of Middle Eastern people. The Journal provides academically a sound that is heard well and a word that is trusted and reliable enough. It also aims to help the academic community to update their out-regional information mostly linked with the Middle East problems and developments. It works as a technological record to advance research and knowledge about the area. (IJMER) aims to present a highly readable and valuable addition to the academic career as well as sociopolitical issues as a demanding reference tool for years to come. Significantly, the coverage of the journal will include new theoretical and experimental findings in the fields of politics and sociology or any closely related fields. In addition, the journal encourages the submission of critical review articles that cover the recent research.

Strategy International Journal of Middle East Research (IJMER) provides the most up-to-date academic research on the politics, economy, modern history, international relations, geography, sociology and other related subject of the Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and as well as on Turkey, Iran and Israel during the twentieth and twenty first centuries.  

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