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Publishing Ethics

Publishing Ethics:

Strategy International Journal of Middle East Research is a prestigious journal that publishes research and articles that have not previously been published elsewhere.

Ethical Rules for Authors:

Trust in science forms the basis of scientific honesty. All scientists are responsible for protecting values ​​based on trust and honesty. Those involved in scientific research always have the principles they need to be connected.

These; to be objective and to have the highest standards required by the profession in the conduct of research, to be open to positive and negative criticism and not to compromise with honesty, to clearly state the contributions of individuals and to emphasize it in scientific articles.

Ethical Rules for Referees:

Referees should know that the evaluation process is confidential and should not be shared with third parties from outside.

Every work submitted to the journal must be subjectively evaluated by the referees.

Arbitrators should submit a comprehensible and constructive evaluation report on the study within the specified time frame.

When it is understood that the worker is plagiarism or has been published elsewhere, the referees must notify the editor.

Ethical Rules for Editorial Team and Editor:

In the arbitration evaluation process, the editor and editorial team must adhere to the following principles of Strategy International Journal of Middle East Research.

The editor and editorial team should know that the referee evaluation process is confidential and should not be shared with third parties.

The editors and editorial team, without regard to religion, language, race, gender, nationality, seniority or institutional relationship, shall exhibit impartiality in any work for which publication has been submitted and published.

The journal editor has to investigate the case with the editorial team in the face of a claim that a submitted journal is a plagiarism; elsewhere publishing is in progress or has been published.

If there is a violation of the principles listed above, the work is reversed; the publication is removed if it has been published.


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